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Yoshinobu Tokugawa
Biographical Information
Kanji 徳川 慶喜
Horoscope Libra
Birthday September 29
Hobby Drinking tea, playing shogi
Special Skill Heaven's Song
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Heigt 165cm
Weight 50kg
Blood Type A
Anime Episode 1
Manga Volume 1 Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Mitsuki Saiga

Yoshinobu Tokugawa is a character from Bakumatsu Rock. He hopes for peace in the world and is the 15th head of the Tokugawa government family. But he wasn't supposed to be the next generation's head at such a young age. Because he was born with the talent of Heaven's Song, he became the head at a younger age.


He is secretly lonely and is scared to become number one. As he sings, he forget his loneliness.


He always secretly helps out Ryoma and the band. Later on Yoshinobu makes his official appearance as the 15th shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

When Katsura asked why he helped them he answered: "I was unable to do anything I wanted and was bored. I wanted to see the Ultra Soul which is said to have the power to change the world. I wanted to see if it could change my monotonous and boring days."

However, Ii claimed the Ultra Soul couldn't be used to help the Tokugawa family. He never listened to anything Yoshinobu wanted. Yoshinobu thought that people only cared about the Tokugawa family and not about him as a person. That's why he left the castle to see the Ultra Soul on his own. Yoshinobu thought Ii might search for him, but Ii placed a double in the castle and didn't even look for him. Afterward thinking how Ii died he loses his temper and activates the speakers and the Heaven's Song starts playing throughout the whole country which controls the poeple. The only reason he did that was because this was Ii's wish and he wanted to fulfil that wish.

Finally when Ryoma found Yoshinobu. He was crying out of loneliness. He also meets Ieyasu he was controling Yoshinobu. When Ryoma was about to lose Ryoma starts to sing and touches Yoshinobu's heart. Together with the other people from the whole country and a new era of rock starts.


  • He dislikes strawberries.
  • His favoirte food is sweets.
  • He is the only male character to be voiced by a female voice actress.