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Isami Kondo
Biographical Information
Kanji 近藤 勇
Horoscope Libra
Birthday October 9
Hobby Watching Lightning Mai
Special Skill Abdominal Breathing
Physical and Vital Statistics
Heigt 190cm
Weight 93kg
Blood Type A
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Keiji Fujiwara

Isami Kondo (近藤 勇, Kondō Isami) is the director Tokugawa Shogunate. In the past he was working the center in a idol band, but withdrew for a certain reason. Now he is supporting the Shinsengumi from the back as general producer. He was one of the 5 people who got a Peace Soul, but after he died he gave his Peace Soul to Toshizo Hijikata.


A lot of people say that Isami is like a big brother whom everybody can rely on.


Toshizo Hijikata and Kondo are pretty worried about Soji Okita because he isn't his usual self. They hear Soji went to Ii, but they didn't hear anything about that themselves so they decide to go to Soji's location. When they arrived they saw Soji lying on the ground, but when they tried to help Soji, he told them he was just practicing with Ii. Soji was already under the control of Ii's magic. Soji started singing, but it wasn't like his usual songs. Kondo and Hijikata tried to stop him, but Soji used magic which caused them to pass out.

Later on they manage to escape from Ii, but Hijikata stays behind to make way for Kondo. When Kondo arrived to where Soji was he started singing and hugged Soji. That's when Kondo's Peace Soul activated, but all of Ii's magic went from Soji to Kondo which threatened Kondo's life. Kondo died and his Peace Soul was transferred to Hijikata.


Isami was raised in Hino as the successor to the Tennen Rishin-ryu martial art style, he worked for the government. However, his unique physical and musical capabilities caught Naosuke Ii's eye and so he debuted as the leader of the dance performance group, 'Mibugumi'. Later, as the popularity of Mibugumi grew, so did their numbers. They rapidly develop into the greatest, government-sponsored idol group, 'Shinsengumi'. He continued singing as Isami, the group's first captain. But he retired from performing a year ago.


  • The name Isami means "brave/bravery, courage" (勇).
  • Isami's surname Kondo means "near, early, akin, tantamount" (近) (kon) and "wisteria" (藤) (to/do).


  • Isami dislikes Shrimps.
  • Isami's favorite food is Rice Balls.