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Episode 9
Episode 9
Japanese Title マスク・ザ・ロッカー!ソウルが大事ぜよ!
Romanized Title Masuku za rokkā! Sōru ga daiji ze yo!
English Title Mask the Rocker! The Sould is Important!
Airdate Aug 27, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
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Next Episode Episode 10

The band couldn't hold a concert for a while. That's when Yataro comes and shows them a poster of with a masked band on it. The plan is; they will perform with masks on, so nobody will know who they are and they will call themselves The Maskucchis.

Their first concert as The Maskucchis was a succes and they continue performing with their masks on and become pretty popular. When one day the poeple of the government come and ask the band if they can be their producers. Since the Shinsengumi isn't as popular anymore and are called an outcast.

The Maskucchis became more and more popular and they were also making more and more money. One day just before they wanted to give another concert Kaishu came and had a talk with the band and made them realize something by saying "You should think carefully about where your music is headed."

Afterwards when they were about to give their performance there was a change in their song and they had to sing Heaven's Song and their manager already signed a contract that says The Maskucchis would sing whatever the government said to them.

At the end they decide to put their masks away and play their own rock again. They also decide on their band name; Ultra Souls.

Songs in the episode[]