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Episode 8
Episode 8
Japanese Title 暗黒桜桃組!ロック死すべし!
Romanized Title Dākucherīzu! Rokku-shi subeshi!
English Title Dark Cherries! Death to Rock
Airdate Aug 20, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
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Dark Cherries appears and they got orders from Ii to assassinate Ryoma and his friends, so they start working at Alberco di Telada, but all their plans back fire.

When they were busy with their plan their manager came and told them the gorvernment has abandoned them and they're going to kill them. When they were talking about that Ryoma and the others heard them and their cover was blown.

After Ryoma heard Dark Cherries their story on how hard they worked to becoming popular idols he became emotional. He wanted to protect them, but the rest of the group wanted to give them to the government. So Katsura decided they will choose whether they live or die by their music. Their performance was so bad they decided to not give them to the government. Instead they gave them a boat and send them to America.

Songs in the episode[]