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Episode 7
Japanese Title 志士!バンド組むぜよ!
Romanized Title Rokkā! Bando kumu ze yo!
English Title Rockers! Let's From a Band!
Airdate Aug 13, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
Previous Episode Episode 6
Next Episode Episode 8

Rumors are going around saying that Hijikata, Soji, Ryoma, Katsura and Shinsaku killed Kondo. Hijikata and Soji go the Ryoma's place where also Katsura and Shinsaku are. There they tell they want to find a way to release their man from Ii's pacification and defeat him, so Ryoma suggests that Hijikata and Soji should also rock together with them. Although everybody refuses.

The next day Yataro comes and tells them Shoin will be giving a concert tomorrow. Yataro tells them he got tickets from a samurai. Then Katsura realizes that this must be trap since it's strange for a warrior to give Yataro tickets, but Shinsaku really wants to go.

At the concert Shoin really appeared, but the music he plays isn't his usual rock and it's starts hurting the bands ears. Katsura suggests it must be an impersonator, butKaishu tells them it really is Shoin. So Shinsaku climbs on the stage to check out if it really is Shoin. On stage Shoin regonizes him. Shinsaku asks why Shoins music is different compared to back then when Shinsaku and Katsura were stil his apprentices. Shoin says this is his music and continues playing. Then the shinsengumi appears and they start to attack the band. But Hijikata comes and protects them and says the music Shoin is playing is the Heaven's Song and Ii is behind this. The music is getting worse. That's when Soji appears and he starts singing. Shinsaku tries to get the old Shoin back and he hears Shoin inner voice asking for him to release him. Shoin is being forced to sing Heaven's Song. The band decides to release Shoin's soul by singing and Soji and Hijikate help them. Shoin's soul leaves together with his body and says his last words "Good bye, my beloved apprentices".

At the end Hijikata and Soji join the band.

Songs in the episode[]

  • What's This? by the band
  • Also some old songs from previous episodes.