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Episode 6
Episode 6
Japanese Title 御前試合!志士の心が哭けるぜよ!
Romanized Title Gozenjiai! Shishi no kokoro ga nakeru ze yo!
English Title Royal Concert! Rockers Hearts are Moved to Tears!
Airdate Aug 6, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
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The hearts of the people have suddenly been touched by the forbidden rock music. Throughout the country, rockers are rebelling and Ii decides he has to do something about this. Meanwhile the group is being followed by the government and they are determined to catch the group slipping up, so they can arrest them. At the restaurant Ryouma and the others get invated to the Royal Concert at the Niji Castle.

Soji went to Ii to report that he has find the man helping Ryouma and the others. Soji also tells him that he feels bad when he hears their Peace Souls. Then Ii tells Soji also got the Peace Soul and it starts hurting because he can't resonate with the other Peace Souls. Afterwards Ii uses some kind of magic to keep the Peace Soul under his control, but he doesn't know that Hijikata and Kondo are on their way to Soji. When they arrived they tried to help Soji, but Soji told them he was just practicing with Ii. Soji was already under the control of Ii's magic. Soji started singing, but it wasn't like his usual songs. Hondo and Hijikata tried to stop him, but Soji used magic which caused them to pass out.

The next day the band performed at the Niji Castle in front of 5000 people. But they didn't know they had fallen into Ii's trap. While they were still performing Soji appeared and he also started singing and put the public under his control. Ryouma gets a glimps of Soji's memories and realizes that Ii is the one who makes Soji suffer like this, but he can't do anything because the public starts to attack them. Meanwhile Kondo and Hijkata escaped, but Hijikata stayed behind so Kondo could go to help Soji. When he arrived to where Soji was he started singing and hugged Soji. That's when Kondo's Peace Soul activated, but all of Ii's magic went from Soji to Kondo which threatened Kondo's life. Kondo died and his Peace Soul was transfared to Hijikata. Ii tries to use his magic again, but Yoshinobu stops him.

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