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Episode 5
Episode 5
Japanese Title 泰平化!ヘブンズソングヤバいぜよ!
Romanized Title Taihei-ka! Hebunzusongu yabaize yo!
English Title Peaceful! Heaven's Song is Wild!
Airdate Jul 30, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
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All music other than Heaven's Song is prohibited and the Shinsengumi is now searching for groups who aren't following the rules.

Soji has to find someone for the Shogun who is currently in Hikone. He also get's a new song from Ii to perform in Hikone.

Meanwhile the band is also going to Hikone to perform there. While they were talking about the concert Katsura still seemed to be depressed/worried about something. When they arrived there they met the sister of Otose and she told them something about Hikone.

Hikone is Chief Minister Ii's territory. Someone from the goverment plays Heaven's Song there every day. Everyone stops working, playing and eating, to listen to Heaven's Song. The band goes outside to take a look around the city, but everything looks normal. Everyone seems a little laid back though and got a faint smile on their faces. They decide to play music on the street, but nobody listens and they completly ignore them. Then Heaven's Song starts to play and everyone starts dancing a bit. It looks like the people are being controlled, so the band decides to go to the place where the music comes from.

There they meet Soji. He starts singing his new song with a new dance. Kogoro quikly gets Ryouma and Shinsaku away from there by throwing a smoke bomb. When they arrive at the hotel, Katsura tells them the dance which Soji did was probably the Phoenix Dance. It has the mysertious power to put anyone who sees it in a trance.

The next day they get tickets for a live concert from Soji. At the concert they try to help people from getting fooled by the Phoenix Dance. That's when Soji gets angry and starts attacking the band with his sword. Katsura manages to get on stage and starts playing a song and the rest of the members join him. Finally Katsura awakens his Peace Soul and helps the people getting out of the trance.


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