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Episode 4
Episode 4
Japanese Title 風呂屋雷舞!裸でパッションぜよ!
Romanized Title Furoya kaminari mai! Hadaka de passhon ze yo!
English Title Bath Concert! Let's get Passionate Naked!
Airdate Jul 23, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
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The goverment is prohibiting rock more and the band can't find a place to perform anymore. While Ryoma suggest they go take a bath, but Katsura refuses saying he needs some time for himself. At the bath Ryoma and Shinsaku decide to hold a concert there.

After a discussion with the owner of the bath, he finally accepts it and the band goes to practice. But Katsura isn't himself and won't talk about the problem he may have and says it's just a complex. Afterwards Katsura leaves and Ryoma suggest that Katsura might not want to be seen naked, after all Katsura started acting weird after Ryoma suggested to take a bath. At home Shinsaku thinks about it to, but can't seem to find anything that might be bothering Katsura. The next day they come to the conclusion that Katsura is ashamed to be naked around others.

At last the day of the concert comes, but Katsura wants to cancel it and Shinsaku too saying he can't groove with Katsura's drums lately and can't get into it. On the other side of the bath Soji and Hijikata heard them. They came to see if Ryoma's music was real from the other day. They decide to fight naked, but Ryoma and Shinsaku don't want to force Katsura to get naked while the Shinsengumi duo are saying Katsura might be carying a knife or something like that with him if he keeps his clothes on. Then Ryoma gets angry at them. Ryoma tells Katsura they are friends and Katsura doesn't need to worry on his own. After hearing Ryoma's speech Katsura is less worried and they all hold the concert just like planned.

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