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Episode 3
Japanese Title 熱情!バイトするぜよ!
Romanized Title Netsujō! Baito suru ze yo!
English Title Passion! Let's Work!
Airdate Jul 16, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
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Otose made a lot of merchandises of Ryoma, Kogoro and Shinsaku after they had their concert, but it seems like nobody bought one, so the band has to pay Otose the price of the merchandises back and they decide to work back stage at the Shinsengumi. There they learn how hard the Shinsengumi actually practices.

Later on when the Shinsengumi was late for their concert, Ryoma decided that they should go on stage and play their music, but they got yelled of the stage. When they were getting lectured by one of the Shinsegumi members, Soji and Hijikata saw them and they thought that Ryoma and the others were trying to ruin the concert again and they were about to start a fight. Luckily Isami came and stopped them. Isami told Ryoma and the others to listen to the Shisengumi's music and that they didn't show them their real music at the last concert.

After seeing there concert Ryoma, Kogoro and Shinsaku all accepted that the Shinsegumi is also really trying their best and decided they won't lose to them.