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Episode 2
Episode 2
Japanese Title 最高愛獲ライブで暴れるぜよ!
Romanized Title Saikō ai e raibu de abareru ze yo!
English Title Top Idol Rampage at a Concert
Airdate Jul 9, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
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The episode starts with Ryoma, Kogoro and Shinsaku giving a little concert for two girls, but Kogoro ends up getting angry and Shinsaku calls it a day and afterwards the girls leave. After they left Isami came in and it seems like he was searching for Ryoma. He tells Ryoma what he though of their playing and then said that


Ryoma should come to one of the Shinsengumi concerts and that they are the real thing.

Afterwards you see a scene with Naosuke who is talking to the head of the Tokugawa family. He says that he will collect all 5 Peace Souls. And that he has casted a spell on the peace souls which they already have. The one under his spell will serve the goverment and draw other Peace Souls to it.

Meanwhile Ryoma is working at the restaurant and still fails in his job. When Kogoro and Shinsaku came and said they wanted to practice together again. But Ryoma has to work, so they decide to help him. When they have a break Kogoro tells Ryoma about the Peace Soul and says that Shoin is missing. Ryoma suggests they give a lot of concerts, so Shoin will come to see them.

After they ate, they leave to practice, but the can't enter the place they always practice because of new rules that people can get arrested for helping other people who don't play the Heaven's Song. On there way searcing for a new place to practice they see a poster saying that there will be a concert of the Shinsengumi and they decide to check it out. But Shinsaku gets angry and Kogoro tells something about the past of



The next day Yataro comes and gives Ryoma three tickets for the Shinsengumi concert. Which he goes with Kogoro and Shinsaku. At the concerts Ryoma tells that something is wrong and runs to the stage, but gets holded down by the security. The concert stops and Soji and Hijikata asks what is wrong. Ryoma gets away from the security and gets on stage and tells that their music sounds dead. Then he starts to sing and afterwards Shinsaku and Kogoro join him. When Shinsaku's Peace Soul awakes. After the concerts they run away. At the end you see Yoshinobu saying 'a second one'.


Songs in the episode[]

  • Intersect (By the Shinsegumi and later on also Ryoma, Shinsaku and Katsura)