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Episode 12 (End)
Episode 12
Japanese Title ウルトラソウル!ロックの夜明けぜよ!
Romanized Title Urutora souru! Rokku no yoake ze yo!
English Title Ultra Soul! The Dawn of Rock!
Airdate Sep 17, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
Ending What's This by ULTRA SOULS
Previous Episode Episode 11
Next Episode Bakumatsu Rock OVA

The castle turns into a big speaker and Yoshinobu makes his official appearance as the 15th shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate. He was first seen as a boy who helped out Ultra Souls from time to time.

When Katsura asked why he helped them he answered: "I was unable to do anything I wanted and was bored. I wanted to see the Ultra Soul which is said to have the power to change the world. I wanted to see if it could change my monotonous and borind days."

However, Ii claimed the Ultra Soul couldn't be used to help the Tokugawa family. He never listened to anything Yoshinobu wanted. Yoshinobu thought that people only cared about the Tokugawa and not about him. That's why he left the castle to see the Ultra Soul on his own. Yoshinobu thought Ii might search for him, but Ii placed a double in the castle and didn't even look for him. Afterward thinking how Ii died he loses his temper and activates the speakers and the Heaven's Song starts playing throughout the whole country.

Thanks to Katsura they managed to get into the castle, although they had to leave him behind. In the castle Soji, Hijikata and Shinsaku were also left behind to make an opening for Ryoma.

At the top Ryoma found Yoshinobu, crying. He also meets Ieyasu he was controling Yoshinobu. When Ryoma was about to lose Ryoma starts to sing and touches Yoshinobu's heart. Together with the other people from the whole country.

At the end everybody was still alive and a new era of rock started.