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Episode 11
Episode 11
Japanese Title ヘヴンズソング! クライマックスぜよ!
Romanized Title Heavens Song! Kuraimakkusu ze yo!
English Title Heaven's Song! Time for the Climax!
Airdate Sep 10, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
Previous Episode Episode 10
Next Episode Episode 12

Shinsaku went to Ii where he said he would like to play Heaven's Song from now on. But before he could do anything Yoshinobu arrived at the castle and saw through Shinsaku's act and casted magic on him.

Meanwhile Ultra Souls hears about the Heaven's Song Festival and the plan behind it to control the whole nation who hears the song and they would use the speakers to make everbody hear it. Kaishuu gives them the order to stop the festival by interfering when they start to sing the heaven's song concert and play rock instead. Although Shinsaku and Ryoma aren't with them anymore they want to continue the plan since this may be their last chance.

Ryoma still doesn't know where his passion is. But after hearing the encouraging words of Kaishu and seeing how people still continued singing rock even after they got beaten up by the government, Ryoma found his passion for rock again and went to the concert where the other members of Ultra Souls were.

At the concert Ultra Souls was being overwhelmed by the heaven's song. They also introduced a new government group called: 'The Shinsaku & Kiheitai'. Shinsaku was the leader of the group and was under the control of Ii.

At that moment Ryoma arrived. He apologized to Shinsaku and even though Shinsaku pointed a gun towards him Ryoma didn't back down and got the old Shinsaku back with the power of his Peace Soul.

They started playing all together again and got the people who were under the control of Ii's magic back. Although Ii tried to get in their way with his magic, Yoshinobu stopped him with even greater magic.