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Episode 10
Episode 10
Japanese Title ソロデビュー!もう一緒にやれねえ!
Romanized Title Soro debyū! Mō issho ni yarenē!
English Title Solo Debut! We Can't Play Together Anymore!
Airdate Sep 3, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
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Rock is spreading through out the country and other new rock bands are appearing. When they were talking about this, Yataro came with some bad news. It seems like the government arrested a bunch of rockers all at once, but that wasn't the only thing. The government destroyed their instruments and even those who supported rockers had their homes demolished.

The next day while Ryoma was walking towards the place where they would practice he meets some people who got into troublethe past couple days because of rock. When he arrived at the place of practice he told them what he saw and he didn't wanted rock to continue like this. At that moment Kaishu appeard and told them Ii was finally making his move. The government got their hands on a speaker and Ii went away to get  the speaker. While Ii isn't here right now it's the perfect opportunity to use rock to start a revolution is what they thought, but Ryoma was hestitating about this way of doing. At the end they decided to go to the concert where Justice would perform (the new idol group of the shinsengumi) and they would perform there.

At the concert while they were playing, Ryoma thought he didn't wanted to continue like this and stopped playing. This wasn't the rock he wanted to play. He thought to himself that they were just opressing people just like the way they were opressed once. That's when the Shinsengumi came and they had to run away.

After they ran away, Shinsaku got angry at Ryoma. He asked where Ryoma's passion for rock went, but it seems like Ryoma can't see his passion right now and he doesn't know what rock is, anymore. After hearing that Shinsaku walked away saying: "I can't play with you any more" and went to kill Ii, alone.

Songs in the episode[]