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Peace Soul! Let's Rock!
Episode 1
Japanese Title 片魂!ロックやるぜよ!
Romanized Title Kata tamashī! Rokku yaru ze yo!
English Title Peace Soul! Let's Rock!
Airdate Jul 2, 2014
Theme Music
Opening Jack by vistlip
Next Episode Episode 2

Ryoma is working at restaurant Albergo di Terada and at night he goes outside to play music on the street, but nobody acknowledges it and everyone actually gets angry.


The next day he went outside in the morning to let everybody hear his music, but just as usual they get angry. When he was at the rivir practicing, a boy came to him saying Ryoma's guitar sounds cool and he likes Ryoma's music. When he was about to sing a song for the boy, Yataro came and showed him a paper that said that the goverment's recruiting Heaven's Song singers and if you pass the government will grant you permission to sing. He accepts to go, but when he came to the audition it seemed like you needed an invitation to join from a Heaven's song lord. He remembers his old teacher can maybe help him to get acces. When he and Yataro were searcing for him, they see two girls crying because they didn't won the tickets for the concert of the Shinsengumi. Then the boy from the river shows up again and says that Ryoma can sing for them.


When Ryoma was about to sing he suddenly gets attacked by two boys. One of the guys asks him where he got his guitar from. He thinks he stole the guitar and he did something to Shoin-sensei, but Ryoma tells him it was a gift. He doesn't believe him and when they were about to fight, the other guy hit them both. He tells Ryoma that the guitar he has, belongs to their master Shoin. He tells them how he got the guitar. The guys said that Shoin has acknowledged Ryoma's music as rock. Ryoma gets exited that his music is called rock and wanted to play a song, when the samurais came.


The samurais get angry because Ryoma was about to play something else then Heaven's Song and they want to arrest him. Then Ryoma starts playing music and it seems like he activated Peace Soul.

At the end of the day the guys and Ryoma both introduce themselves and become friends.

Songs in the episode[]